“What do you mean the next regular appointment is in three weeks? My pet is sick. Why can’t I be seen today?”

Sound familiar? These are good questions and deserve an answer. Why are appointments in such short supply? Answers such as workflow changes due to COVID restrictions can only explain part of the problem. The fact is that demand for veterinary services, for whatever reason, is extremely high, and we are doing our best to schedule everyone who calls in for an appointment. Some issues can’t wait for the next available appointment, and we understand that, too. So, if it is at all possible, we are trying to accommodate our established clients with urgent care, same-day appointments for medical conditions that can’t’ or shouldn’t wait until a regular appointment is available. But sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control where this is not possible. In these situations, we will refer you to an emergency clinic. Non Howell Animal Hospital clients who call with emergencies will be referred to an emergency clinic. We appreciate your understanding in these difficult times and assure you that we are doing our very best to make sure you continue to receive the same standard of excellent care that you are accustomed to receiving at Howell Animal Hospital.