There have been cases of Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (EEE), commonly called sleeping sickness in southern Michigan. If your horse has not been vaccinated in the past 6 months, please be advised a booster is recomended. EEE is a highly fatal mosquito spread neurological disease. Good insect repellants, sheets and fans can aid in protection. EEE is not contagious from horse to horse.

West Nile Virus

Now we have a ten year pattern of disease and response to vaccine. The vaccine has performed very well. The new recommendation is to reduce vaccine from biannual to annual with these exceptions:

  1. Horses shipped to the south for the winter.
  2. Immuno-compromised like horses with Cushings disease and immature horses three years or less.

Potomac Horse Fever Vaccine changes

Potomac Horse Fever was first diagnosed in the late 1970’s. Initially, we vaccinated in the spring and summer because most cases were diagnosed in July and August. With climate change, we see cases as early as May 1st and as late as December 1st. This coupled with the short length of immunity, we now recommend vaccination every four months. Potomac Horse Fever is the most common disease diagnosed in our practice.