To improve our service, we have updated our phone system.

As a result, the only number we can be reached at is (517) 546-1340. Please remove all other numbers in your phone that are associated with us including those ending in -2618 and -0926.

Thank you for your patience as we learn how to use our new phones!

Now for a small fee of $25 for 10 minutes, clients can speak with a doctor to answer all of their pet related questions.

How it works: Give us a call with your question, we will take your credit card information and then connect you with a doctor as soon as one is available. We will do as much as we can over the phone while continuing to provide the same quality healthcare as we always have.

If your pet’s health concern cannot be managed at home and needs to be seen by the clinic, we will not charge the cost of the phone consultation to you.

This new service allows us to continue to be here for your furry family during this difficult time. Thanks for your continued support!

As of March 29th, Howell Animal Hospital is open to all appointments. We are continuing to operate at our regular hours of business. However, our updated COVID-19 hospital procedures will remain the same.

The number of staff at the hospital has been minimized to reduce potential exposure. Because of this, we appreciate your patience as we do our best to answer the phone and handle appointments in a timely manner.


As of March 29th, we are no longer restricting appointments and are open to new clients, routine surgeries (such as spays, neuters), dentals both small animal and equine, as well as nail trims. Please remember to continue to follow our hospital procedures to protect yourself and our staff.

Small animals:

  • The front doors are remaining locked.
  • Upon arrival, please call from your car at (517) 546-1340 to let us know you are here. When we have a room available, we will then escort you directly to an available exam room.
  • If you are elderly, have a pre-existing health condition or are concerned, you may drop your animal off at the front door and we will communicate with you about the appointment over the phone.
  • Only one healthy person will be permitted inside the building with the animal. We ask that everyone wear a mask.
  • Please stay in the exam room the entire time during your pet’s visit. You will not have to check out at the front desk. Hand washing supplies are available in these rooms for when you enter and exit.

Equine patients:

  • We are still scheduling appointments as normal including floats.
  • Only one person will be allowed to hold the horse during the appointment.

Safe and easy ways to fill your pet’s medication or food


All medication and food can be easily ordered through our online store. It is simple to set up an account and all products will be delivered straight to your door. Please keep in mind that it takes approximately 3-5 days for your order to arrive.

We are more than happy to set up your account and order your prescriptions for you when you call during our normal business hours.

CLICK HERE to shop for your dog or cat

CLICK HERE to shop for your horse

In Hospital

We are still here to fill medication and food prescriptions. Please call ahead of time with your request. At this time we will take your credit card information from you to process your payment. When you arrive, please call from the parking lot and we will deliver your medication to you.

We have now added a new ultrasound to our practice. This allows for better image quality and detail for small animal and equine reproduction, musculoskeletal and abdomen.

Howell Animal Hospital welcomes a Class IV (the most powerful laser available) therapeutic laser! The therapeutic laser is licensed for all species. It can help decrease pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, ligament and tendon injuries, to improve wound healing both post surgical and traumatic, as well as sore backs. It is a good complement to Dr Lindamoods alternative therapies – accupuncture, chiropractic and herbal medicine. This treatment can be used in conjunction with medication or as a stand alone treatment option.

Attention Equine customers: We offer digital coggins thru Global Vetlink. Owners can download their results from the website