There have been 70 confirmed cases of Canine Influenza in the State of Michigan, 6 in Livingston County. A vaccine is available, please contact our office for more information. Canine Influenza: Pet Owners’ Guide

It is not too late! West Nile Virus is in Livingston County. A horse in the Fowlerville area died from it July 21, 2017. Please update your horse’s vaccine if they were last vaccinated over 12 months ago against West Nile Virus.

Howell Animal Hospital welcomes a Class IV (the most powerful laser available) therapeutic laser! The therapeutic laser is licensed for all species. It can help decrease pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, ligament and tendon injuries, to improve wound healing both post surgical and traumatic, as well as sore backs. It is a good complement to Dr Lindamoods alternative therapies – accupuncture, chiropractic and herbal medicine. This treatment can be used in conjunction with medication or as a stand alone treatment option.

Attention Equine customers: We offer digital coggins thru Global Vetlink. Owners can download their results from the website

We have enhanced our radiographic capabilities with the addition of digital radiography for both the small animal and equine patient. This allows for on the farm diagnosis, improved quality of films and the ability to take additional images if needed. Equine prepurchase exams are made easier with this technology.